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Star Labs Consulting

is a company and team dedicated to the success of businesses—at the start-up phase or even the more seasoned veterans of business.

We champion small businesses by helping entrepreneurs, developers, and projects move the needle from nothing, or from backsliding, to good and great. We feel that by creating momentum behind these businesses and projects, incredible things can happen for the community and other local organizations.

Our company offers solutions through mentorship, coaching, peer-to-peer advisory boards, and connecting the right product or service with the right investors or opportunities.

Quick Tip

To be successful, your company needs a well-coordinated, efficient, and in-sync team. A mentor once said that a solid business team offers the advantage to let the business owner focus on the big things (e.g., the NBT (next big thing), the innovations, the strategies). Install that coordinated team; then, make sure the team understands exactly what the business process is; finally, make sure the team aligns with the business owner’s (you!) personal and company vision. Make your company work for you, not the other way around…success will follow.

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