Business Tips

Hire Fast, Fire Fast?

Can a company really hire slow and fire fast? The answer is it depends—at least on the hire slow portion. Startups have a shelf-life of between six to 12 months, depending on the speed with which they can achieve traction or a measure of market penetration. So, while they should always fire fast, they may need to hire fast as well and not wait for the “perfect” fit.

Established companies with money in the bank, traction, and more stability, may be able to have the patience to find the diamond in the rough. So before your company adopts a business cliché just for the sake of doing so, think about where the business is: if the company needs a salesperson right now, an average salesperson can still convert and bring in some much-needed revenue. Avoid clichés! Your business is unique and no one book or idea is going to be a perfect fit for all of your needs.